Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Foxwoods Strippers and Mohegan Sun Strippers

This weekend we did a couple of shows in the hotel rooms at the Foxwoods casinos. I thought I should mention that our Get Wet Girls dancers will also send our strippers to the casinos for parties. Some people think we're only available for parties inside of VFW's and American Legions; but if you need us, we'll do a party anywhere! The hotels in the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos are great places for a bachelor party, the convenience of having everything in one location makes the place an ideal location. When we go to the casinos for parties, our strippers go directly to your room, and entertain for your guests right inside your hotel room. If your familiar with our services, even a hotel room setting, we'll still put on the same infamous show that our Get Wet Girls dancers are known for with our hardcore lesbian girl-girl shows and double-ended dildos.

There are pesky rumors circulating that the hotels at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are cracking down on having strippers come to your hotel room. I don't know how true that is because I've been sending our Get Wet Girls dancers to the casinos for sometime with no problems coming to the rooms. Most of the hotels at Foxwoods ... Great Cedar, Grand Pequot, Two Trees Inn, Belissimo Grande, Hilltop Inn & Suites ... will let you go right to the rooms. The MGM at Foxwoods and the hotel at Mohegan Sun require a hotel room card to gain access. Our strippers are "Filthy Fuckin' Ladies" but they arrive dressed in regular street clothes and won't draw attention. The only problem that will likely occur is if your party is creating a disturbance, e.g. making too much noise, especially during the later evening (or early morning) hours. They give you a warning the 1st time, but the 2nd time, they're gonna ask everyone who's name isn't attached to the room to leave. It's up to the hiring party to monitor their guests behavior; if the party is ended, there will be no refund or discount.

So if your planning to have strippers at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun; you now know the Get Wet Girls dancers are available for your entertainment needs.