Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The more guys, the merrier

Our Get Wet Girls Dancers are party strippers -- meaning our strippers specialize in entertaining groups or parties. That's the major difference between us and the strippers you see dancing at Kahoots or the Gold Club in Hartford, Connecticut. While they're used to dancing from swinging around on a pole on a stage, they don't know diddly squat about throwin' down in a hall filled with 50-75 guys.

When hiring strippers, most guys think they already know how to plan the event, despite never ever planning a bachelor party before. When asked "how many strippers should we get?", their answer is usually, "just get as many strippers as we can afford". Guys often feel the crowd will get bored quickly with only a certain amount of strippers, so it may seem like the best ideal, and how can you go wrong with too many strippers? The results can vary because not always to do parties end up with the turnout they were expecting and now they're a little disappointed because of poor planning.

Here's how to make for the best party planning when hiring strippers, start with maintaining a stripper to guest ratio. Most parties, regardless of the amount of guys, love our infamous 2 girl shows with hardcore lesbian girl-girl action and double ended dildos. Keep in mind, our Get Wet Girls dancers are skilled party strippers and one of our strippers can easily entertain a crowd of 20-25. We recommend that you start considering hiring a third dancer for your event once your guests amount starts totaling over 60-75 persons. Under estimating will work in your favor because less strippers will get you more for your money